Terms and conditions and warranty.

  1. Balma Air Products S.A. cc warrants that the compressor will be free from defects in workmanship or materials under normal use and service for a period of 12 months (or 1500 hours) calculated from the date of original purchase, (whichever occurs first), unless otherwise agreed to in writing.
  2. This warranty does not extend to any of the accessories which may have been supplied by Balma S.A. The accessories which may have been supplied by Balma S.A. The accessories comprise, but are not limited to : the regulator, watertraps, starter overload, hosing, couplers and wheels and electrical components.
  3. If a claim arises under the warranty, Balma S.A. will at its sole discretion either repair the damage or replace the compressor, or other item.
  4. This warranty will not apply if:-
    1. The customer does not produce documents, proof and evidence of the date of purchase.
    2. It is apparent that the damage occurred because the compressor was not operated under the normal conditions for which it was intended that the compressor should be operated.
    3. The installation and operation of the compressor has not been carried out in accordance with the fitting instructions provided by Balma S.A.;
    4. Accessories which were not supplied by Balma S.A. have been used with or applied to the compressor that consume under normal working conditions in excess of 60% of the free air delivered by the compressor. (Piston compressors only)
    5. An electrical extension lead is used in the case of 220 volt units;
    6. The compressor service schedule and maintenance sheet or booklet (supplied by Balma S.A.) has not been strictly adhered to;
    7. The pressure (working pressure) has been adjusted or altered in any way without written consent by Balma S.A.;
    8. The compressor has been used with a proximity of a spray painting, or dusty area.
    9. Our warranty covers the free replacement of parts which have proved defective in either material or workmanship. Labour charges are not covered by our warranty and no other claims of any kind will be accepted. Should our Technician be requested to make a site visit, during the Warranty period, the client will be liable for all expenses and labour charges incurred, should there be no fault in the construction of the unit or in the quality of the material used.
    10. Under no circumstances will Balma S.A be liable for any consequential loss or damage arising out of or in connection with the use or operation of the compressor or resulting from a breach of this warranty.
  5. This warranty specifically excludes the electric motor and / or electrical components found on or attached to the compressor unit. It is essential that the user / purchases ensure that an electrical protection device be fitted in order to safeguard the electric motor.
  6. Warranty claims will only be considered once the unit has been returned to Balma Air Products S.A. C.C., transport charges prepaid by the sender.
    A written report specifying the nature of the complaint, the purchase date of the unit, and name, address and telephone number of end user.
  7. The warranty period as stated in the original quotation/offer to purchase will only apply if regular maintenance work has been carried out, on time, by Balma Air Products utilizing spare parts and lubricants supplied by Balma Air Products. The customer as the user, is required to contact Balma Air Products timeously once the required time period after which maintenance is due, has elapsed. (Every 2,000 hours or once annually if 2,000 hours has not been reached).