The RotorAir LSB Series is comprised of robust, belt driven units with installed power ranging from 7.5 to 75 kW and are suitable for any application from light to heavy industrial use. Featuring Rotorcomp Verdichter air-ends, these rotary screw compressors are designed to solve air requirements in demanding applications where operational reliability is critical.


RotorAir is becoming an industry standard in South Africa for compressed air systems. Our trusted LSB range is present in every major sector of the economy. From mining, manufacture and engineering, to pharmaceuticals, agriculture and ship building. The long life span, efficiency and uncompromised reliability, make

RotorAir rotary screw compressors an integral part of any industrial operation. They can withstand and endure the harshest of applications and environments during continuous, 24 hour a day use.

The LSB units come standard with:

  • Power supply: 380V±10%50HZ
  • Star delta starter, can be customized to variable speed.
  • Transmission: Belt drive.
  • Air end: Genuine Rotorcomp Verdichter air end, manufactured in Germany.
  • F.A.D capacity measured in accordance with ASMC PTC9 or ISO1217 (GB/T3853)

Air Ends

The RotorAir compressors are comprised of a German manufactured air end which uses a highly efficient asymmetrical screw unit for compressing air without metal parts touching, coupled to a specialized belt drive system.

The units also make use of durable, German SKF bearings and double configuration shaft sealing, leading to an overall compressor life span of over 100,000 hours.

Control System

The RotorAir micro computer, coupled with original Siemens switch gear, is a fully programmable system which regulates the operation of the compressor to suit the specific requirements of the air distribution system.

It is has different programming levels and special options for controlling and analysing the operation and faults, as well as automatic protection against electric motor short circuits and overheating.