Surface supply diving air compressors manufactured in Cape Town.

Please contact us regarding our custom built diving compressors or ‘Hookah’s’. We build to specification
using only the best imported components, including Italian made air compressor blocks and specialised air filtration systems. We have been supplying the commercial diving industry for over thirty years and
would be happy to assist with any underwater breathable compressed air applications.

Diving Air Compressor

How the units work:

The air compressor pump delivers air at a pressure of 8 bar. The compressed air reaches the air reservoir
via a non-return valve system. The air reservoir has multiple purposes. Firstly it reduces the air
temperature of the compressed air before it is supplied to the rest of the system. Secondly it acts as a
pulsation dampener, reducing the pulsating air flow from the reciprocating pistons into a continuous air
flow required for normal breathing. Thirdly, in the event of motor failure, it will supply the diver with an
emergency air supply for 2-3 minutes.

The air is then piped through the particle and carbon filters, removing aerosols and trace amounts of oil.
This renders the air breathable, conforming to ISO standard 8573-1/01 for air purity. The air then
reaches the outlets, and down to the divers second stage regulators.

In order to prevent carbon monoxide from contaminating the breathing supply, the air compressor inlet
filter is situated on the end of an extended hose to facilitate placement out reach of the engine exhaust.
This typical mid-sized diving unit can supply air to two divers, with an approximate run time of 2 hours
on a single tank of fuel from the Honda petrol engine.

We can build a variation of units; smaller units suitable for one diver, or larger rigs with the capacity for
up to four divers and rigs without air receivers installed on top.