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Mattei Refrigerant Air Dryers

Two byproducts of compressing air are heat and condensation. Heat is dissipated via the aircooler adjoined to the compressor; however the condensation needs to be removed from the air via ancillary equipment before it is piped to wherever it is required. This is done by running the air through a refrigeration air dryer or a chemical air dryer where necessary.
The ambient air taken in by an air compressor will always contain a certain amount of water vapor, depending on the temperature and the degree of humidity. As the air is compressed this water vapor condenses into water droplets. This water needs to be eliminated from the air to avoid problems with applications such as the use of pneumatic machinery or when operating air tools and spray painting. Without removing this condensate from the air it can pollute the production cycle and lead to corrosion in piping, solenoid valves, and pneumatic tools.
The Mattei range of MD refrigerated air dryers is part of our normal stock holding at our premises in Cape Town, with other types of dryers, such as desiccant chemical driers, available for specific applications requiring a higher level of drying.
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Mattei MD Range

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